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Tongue River Artist

Residency, LLC

Tongue River Artist Residency, LLC

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About the Residency

About the Residency

The Tongue River Artist Residency provides a quiet, comfortable living and studio working space in a small western town, where one has the opportunity to re-energize, experience the natural beauty of the West and develop their work.


The program is open to both established and emerging artists.

All artists are welcome to apply, including but not limited to writers, musicians, composers, photographers, painters and performing artists.




Who We Are

Who We Are

Doug Gouge and Jeanette Schubert founded the Tongue River Artist Residency to provide a nurturing, creative space, with undisturbed time and the chance to be inspired by the beauty of the West.

Doug is a retired businessman with a focus on the non-profit world, particularly nature, the arts and social justice. He is also a photographer and loves fly fishing.  

Jeanette has had a diverse career in international marketing, education, and music. She retired from teaching foreign languages in public schools and

now concentrates on painting, photography, and multimedia projects. 

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