Residency & Application



  • To apply send an email to

  • The applicant's email must include:

    • A CV or resume

    • A copy of your drivers license if you plan on using the residency vehicle

    • Representative examples of past work and an idea of the work you plan to pursue while in residence

    • Preference for dates: Month and number of weeks.

      • July is not available

    • Contact information for two individuals who are familiar with your  work that we can contact for a character reference. 




  • Applications accepted from July 1st, 2021 until January 31st, 2022 for April through June and August through September.  Applicants will be notified of acceptance shortly after February 1st.

  • Any questions? Contact us at



  • A stipend of $200 will be granted for each week completed to help defray travel and cost of living. 



  • Each resident is responsible for transportation to and from Dayton, WY. 

  • The residency has a vehicle for use around the local area. 



  • Each residency lasts approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Exact dates are flexible.

  • Only one artist/collaborator will be in residence at a time.

  • Residents are responsible for all food shopping and meal preparation, laundry and house cleaning during their stay. 

  • Residents should bring all necessary materials for their work.

  • Residents must have a valid US drivers license to use the residency vehicle.


  • The living space includes

    • a living room

    • completely equipped kitchen 

    • bathroom

    • laundry room

    • two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with a twin bed

    • 18’ x 24’ studio space

    • wifi equipped


  • Accepted applicants are welcome to invite a spouse/partner or collaborator to accompany them. Children will be considered.

  • A small dog will be considered.


  • During the residency each artist will be asked to present their work in a community setting.

  • Each resident is encouraged to donate one piece of art work to the residency.



  • No smoking

  • No open fires

  • No candles/incense

  • Before you leave

    • Vacuum, mop and clean the residence

    • All bedding washed with beds made up

    • Trash removed

    • Perishable items removed from kitchen


Each resident will have an orientation including information on how

to handle most situations, however, residents are expected to be on

their own and self-reliant.